5 Stress-Busting Crystals to Help You Deal With Burnout

Burnout is the product of emotionally draining work, overextending yourself, unreasonable expectations (either placed yourself or by those around you), and lacking holistic support. This manifests in a variety of ways and significantly affects your overall quality of life. But how can you tell if you're just stressed, or already experiencing burnout? Here are 8 of the tell-tale signs of burnout: 


1. You find it difficult to concentrate on tasks
2. You often feel impatient and irritable
3. You're withdrawing from people you are close to
4. You're easily upset by minor inconveniences
5. You have insomnia, or you feel fatigued despite getting enough sleep
6. You feel empty and cynical even with things that used to bring you joy
7. You have low energy and mood swings
8. You experience frequent headaches/bowel issues

If you are experiencing any or several of these signs, here’s a gentle reminder that you simply cannot do and be everything. Regularly check-in with yourself, listen to your body, know your limits, slow down, and consider making necessary adjustments to avoid burnout. It may also be helpful to access resources/tools (meditation, crystals, intentional physical movement) that support your well-being.


 1. Amazonite

When you're burnt out, harmonious communication with the people around you can be difficult. When you're running on an empty tank, it's not as easy to be patient and understanding, which can lead to strained relationships. Amazonite restores harmony - both within the self and among others. It also encourages healthy dialogue so you can speak openly, with clarity, compassion, and confidence. 

2. Pink Opal

Pink Opal has a tranquil and loving energy that helps ease temper or tension. Pink Opal supports physical healing as well through its support of the emotional body. It also helps one remain open and honest, which soothes the impulse to isolate oneself during burnout. 

3. Black Tourmaline




Black Tourmaline is an ideal stone for everyone, but most especially those who must work or live in emotionally draining and challenging places or circumstances. It protects you from absorbing and being weighed down by the energy of others and your environment. Black Tourmaline keeps you grounded - which means it helps you remain more present and balanced when things feel out of your control.

4. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is effective in calming the emotional stress associated with burnout. Burnout wreaks havoc on the our hormones, including cortisol (the stress hormone), which can result in unpredictable mood swings. Lepidolite supports mood stability, relieves exhaustion, and improves quality of sleep.

5. Fluorite

Fluorite quiets down your negative thoughts and self-talk that often remain unchecked during burnout. Fluorite helps you have a greater sense of clarity and focus so you can better assess the situation causing your burnout and make the necessary changes. 


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