Does it mean anything when a crystal breaks?

On today's #AskGAEA, we wanted to talk more about one of the things we often get asked about: 

What does it mean when a crystal or gemstone breaks?

The answer isn't as straightforward as a simple yes or no. Sometimes, breakage and cracks may simply be caused by a physical/environmental impact (like accidentally hitting it on a hard surface, dropping it on the floor, or unintentional exposure to extreme change in temperature).

However, when a crystal breaks completely on its own, it could mean that the gemstone has encountered a strong vibrational frequency/energy of a high amplitude. Crystals are highly programmable and have an inherent ability to store vibrations; it is possible that they become overwhelmed and saturated with that intense energy - and shatter.

What to do with a broken crystal

So what should you do when that happens? It’s always unfortunate when a gemstone breaks, especially one that you connected with. But in that moment, allow yourself to feel gratitude. Say a little thanks - perhaps your crystal protected you from that intense energy and absorbed it instead, therefore serving its purpose. You can always keep it as a memento (but make sure to cleanse it first!) or bury it in soil and return it back to the Earth. ⠀

Have you ever had a crystal break on its own? Did you still keep it? Did you continue to use it? We’d love to hear your thoughts below! ✏️💬

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