EMF Radiation: 3 Crystals for Protection

How many technological devices have you turned on, dialed, charged, cooked with, scrolled through, booted up, and plugged in today? If you’re like most people, you’ll quickly realize that you interact with hundreds of electronic gadgets daily – from your morning alarm coming from your mobile phone to your lunch heated up in the microwave, from the Wi-Fi connection at work to the laptop on your desk, from streaming a movie through your TV to unwind after work to scrolling through apps on your phone before turning in for the evening. Technology surrounds us 24/7.

The problem is, the very innovations that make our lives more convenient are also exposing us to an unprecedented amount of radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF). Just as animals have been observed to respond to earthquakes and tsunamis even before man-made scientific instruments can register these events, humans are also wired to respond to the subtle EMFs and radiation present in the environment.

Effects of EMF on the body

Radiation disrupts our bodies’ natural flow of energy, causes dysfunction and imbalance, affects our nervous system, and causes fluctuations in our cortisol (stress hormone) levels. These, in turn, may lead to numerous health concerns like infertility, erratic sleep patterns, migraines, fatigue, decreased attention span, reduced immunity, joint and muscle aches, and cancer.

It is crucial that we make changes to our home and work environments as a response to this unseen pollution. The following are some EMF protection crystals you can place near your computers, laptops and mobile phones to help minimize the impact of harmful radiation, allowing us to co-exist a little bit better with the devices we seemingly can’t live without. 


A great stone for grounding. Hematite helps the wearer feel more centered while strengthening the immune system. It is used for detoxification and protection from EMFs as it absorbs negative energy in the body and radiation in the environment.

Black Tourmaline

An excellent gemstone for protection against EMF radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Black Tourmaline has the ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, making it a powerful boundary between yourself and destructive EMFs and radiation. An essential crystal for every collector.


An ancient healing stone that eliminates hazardous energies and body toxins. Due to the presence of carbon, it acts like a shield against radiation and psychic attacks. Not only can you wear Shungite as jewelry and place it beside your electronic devices, you can also create a gem essence or elixir with this stone.

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