3 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Gemstones

A gemstone goes through multiple journeys before it finds its way to you. From the time it was mined from its natural source to the moment you selected it as your own, a crystal has been exposed to and has collected different kinds of energies that may not be aligned with your intentions.

It is important to have a fresh start and to take some time to cleanse your new gemstones before working with them. You will also need to cleanse your gemstones regularly afterwards to restore their energy and get the most out of your continuous work with them.

Here are 3 easy ways for you to cleanse your gemstones:


Sometimes, you will notice your crystals looking dull and less vibrant than it used to be. You can harness the sun’s rays to reinfuse light and vibrancy to your crystal. Although other sources favor the use of direct sunlight for cleansing, we personally prefer using indirect sunlight, especially in our tropical climate. Some gemstones like Fluorite, Kunzite, and Sapphire fade under harsh sun exposure. Moreover, a crystal placed under direct sunlight, at a specific angle and given the right conditions, can actually be a fire hazard.

We recommend cleansing your crystals under indirect sunlight for at least 15 minutes up to 2 hours. You may place your gemstones on a window sill or on a table facing a natural light source.


Water is a source of life, and also a source of energy. You can use water to revitalize your crystals and neutralize any negative energy stored inside the gemstone. Please be mindful that there are brittle and soft gemstones such as Kyanite and Selenite that do not fare well using the water cleansing method.

Although natural water (such as a clean stream or sea) is best, you may also use running water from a faucet to cleanse your crystals. Wash your crystals for about a minute with the intention to purify them and pat them dry afterwards.

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are a great and powerful way to safely cleanse your crystals and stimulate fresh energy. Use the mallet to lightly hit the sides of the bowl, or circle the mallet around the rim to emit a single tone. This creates tranquilizing vibrations that cleanse, not just your gemstone but also your personal space. Always remember to keep your personal intentions in mind while performing sound cleansing.

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