The 5 Best Crystals for Every Virgo

Born between, August 23 and September 22, the Virgo is an Earth sign that values loyalty, order, and dedication. No matter what your goals are, Virgos are known to be devoted individuals who work tirelessly towards their dreams. You are diligent and committed, show great attention to detail and have a genuine desire to help others. While it’s great to be self-motivated and disciplined, it is important to set aside time for yourself each day to recharge. Your methodical approach to life is beneficial in many situations, but sometimes, a little spontaneity can also be good for the soul.

Virgos are known to be devoted individuals who work tirelessly towards their dreams.

You prefer stable relationships over casual encounters because you value intellectual connection more than most. Since you are a practical person, it is necessary for your partner to have integrity and possess a sense of responsibility. It is not easy for you to trust and open your heart to others and it takes patience to break through your walls and defenses. However, you have a very strong capacity to love, and once somebody earns your trust and respect, they can be sure that you will nurture and care for them in the special way that Virgos only can.

Here are several gemstones that can enhance and support your Virgo traits and qualities:


Jade creates harmony and balance. This crystal will help you see past your self-imposed boundaries and free up energy blockages in order to manifest your ideas more smoothly into your life.

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Your perfectionist tendencies sometimes cause extra stress and anxiety. Amethyst lightens the burdens of daily life and will bring you much-needed inner harmony and serenity when things aren’t going as planned.

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Tiger Eye and Carnelian

All that hard work can lead to fatigue and burnout. Both Tiger Eye and Carnelian promote vitality and strength. They will give you the boost needed to complete your to-do list as well as undertake new endeavors.

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Rhodocrosite imparts a soothing energy that helps you heal from old emotional wounds. This will help you gently open up your heart to possibilities of new love and friendship. It also encourages a more compassionate outlook and will bring you inner peace.

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