7 Essential Crystals You Need In Your Life

Crystals and gemstones have been used since the dawn of time for both their physical and metaphysical properties. Whether you're using crystals for personal wellness, healing work, or manifestation, it's always helpful to know more about the different crystals and their different purposes to assist you in your goals. You'll find that the ability of crystals to interact and influence energies can be helpful when it comes to manifesting your intentions. 

But with hundreds of crystals to choose from, and each one with varying energy frequencies, starting out can be overwhelming. To help you, we've narrowed it down to 7 essential crystals everyone should have in their collection. From health and harmony, to protection and manifestation, these 7 crystals have got you covered. 


1. Citrine

Citrine, whether in its natural or heated form, is one of the most popular stones on the market, and for good reason.It is best known for attracting abundance and prosperity, but it is also excellent for manifestation and strengthening one's personal will. If you have very specific financial, personal, or career goals you want to work towards, Citrine can help keep you focused and decisive, even in the face of obstacles.

Key attributes: Manifestation, abundance, personal will 


2. Amethyst


Amethyst has been a meditation aid for monks for decades, because of its ability to activate the higher mind and enhance mental clarity and understanding. Apart from meditation, Amethyst is best known for its calming effects, helping the wearer de-stress and ease any anxieties. Many people find that placing an Amethyst tumble stone underneath their pillow or by their bedside table helped with their insomnia and difficulty in sleeping. If there are any habits you want to get rid of, Amethyst is helpful in overcoming addictions and vices, too. 

Key attributes: Stress relief, meditation, mental clarity and understanding

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3. Lapis Lazuli

Curious about the world around you? Then Lapis Lazuli is for you. This vivid blue crystal is one of the best stones when it comes to the exploration of knowledge, enhancing one's intellectual ability to learn. And it isn't limited to only students or the academics - anyone who is eager about the world, or is in pursuit of truth or knowledge of the self, will find that Lapis Lazuli is particularly helpful in opening the mind and allowing one to understand and interpret information more effectively. 

Key attributes: learning, inner vision, truth

4. Black Tourmaline

Some people, places, and situations are just chock full of bad vibes. A toxic colleague or tense home environment can really take its toll on one's well-being. Black Tourmaline is part of the Tourmaline family, and is a staple for when you want to stay protected from negativity. Negative energies, negative people - this crystal is able to not only clear oneself of these bad vibes, but it is also able to purify them. 

Key attributes: protection, purification, grounding stone

5. Clear Quartz

Among all the crystals that have been discovered, Clear Quartz is perhaps the most versatile of all. What makes it so flexible is its ability to amplify and store energy, making it the perfect stone to pair with any crystal whose energy you want to boost. Any thought or intention you would like to manifest, Clear Quartz can also help broadcast that energy into the world more strongly. (fun fact: quartz crystals are used even in LCD screens and micorchips for their inherent ability to store information!) 

Key attributes: energy amplification, cleansing, and manifestation, mental clarity

6. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the quintessential love stone. And by that, we don't mean only romantic love, but rather, all kinds of love - love for the self, family, friends, a partner, and even our environment. It's a great emotional healer and soothes anger, opening one's heart to giving and receiving love instead of storing resentment. 

Key attributes: love, emotional healing

7. Jade

Last but not the least is Jade. There's a reason why Jade is a cult favorite for crystal lovers everywhere - it's an all-around stone that brings harmony to the family, prosperity in business and wealth, and aids in physical and emotional health. It is a powerful ally in strengthening one's "chi" or life force, helping to restore depleted energy and allowing it to flow. 

Key attributes: abundance, health, prosperity, stimulation of energy

Starting With Crystals

Make sure to cleanse and energize your gemstones regularly, as they store and absorb all kinds of energy in their environment. You can find any of the seven gemstones we listed above (whether as a bracelet, necklaces, pendant, or specimen) on our catalog. Looking for a specific metaphysical benefit not listed here? Check out our glossary to find a crystal that suits your needs.

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