Sugilite Heart with Black Agate


Product Details
  • Sugilite from South Africa, Black Agate from Brazil
  • Clasp is Gold-plated brass, made in Turkey
Energy & Healing Properties

Black Agate

  • A grounding and protection crystal
  • Aids in warding off any negative or toxic influences, vibrations, circumstances, and situations in your life
  • Helps with inner strength and peace
  • Useful for those who are indecisive and need courage to take action
  • Physical: Bones and joints, mobility issues, keeps the body in balance, detoxification
Energy & Healing Properties


  • A premier and exceptional stone of protection from negative and toxic influences in one’s inner and outer environment
  • Creates a “Shield of Light” around the wearer to make him/her invulnerable to disharmony and discord
  • Assists one in finding their true passion and being steadfast in one’s pursuit
  • Offers hope and optimism by repelling negativity, hopelessness, and lack of confidence
  • Physical: Insomnia, nightmares, sleep imbalances, nerves
  • After use, gently wipe using a soft cotton cloth and store in the provided jewelry pouch.
  • For more care instructions, please see our guide to caring for your gemstone jewelry.

Note: As these gemstones are natural, there may be variations in color, grain, shape, etc. These differences add character and make each piece wonderfully unique.

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