Self-Care Set: Clear Quartz Roller + Obisidian Gua Sha

₱3,990 ₱4,495

Product Details
  • Clear Quartz from Brazil, Obsidian from Mexico
  • Brass hardware
  • Face rollers and Gua Shas are massage tools used to help:
    • Decrease puffiness from face and eyebags
    • Relax facial and neck muscles
    • Flush out toxins through lymphatic drainage
    • Soothe the skin
    • Ease tension headaches
    • Stimulate blood flow and circulation which can make your face feel firmer and look brighter
  • Tips:
    • Apply a serum, cream, or facial oil prior to using to help with rolling
    • Use once a day in the morning or at night for 10-15 minutes for best results
    • Apply light to moderate pressure upwards to simulate lifting of the skin
    • Avoid exerting too much pressure to avoid bruising or trauma to the skin, especially on sensitive areas around the eyes, nose, and neck
    • After use, wipe down any oils and product residue using mild cloth wipes or rinse with mild/diluted soap. Do not scrub with abrasive sponges or detergents
    • After use, gently wipe using a soft cotton cloth and store in the provided jewelry pouch.
    • For more care instructions, please see our guide to caring for your gemstone jewelry.

    Note: As these gemstones are natural, there may be variations in color, grain, shape, etc. These differences add character and make each piece wonderfully unique.

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