Blue Lace Chalcedony, Rainbow Moonstone, and Amazonite


Product Details
  • Blue Lace Chalcedony from Namibia (Africa), Moonstone from Madagascar, Amazonite from Brazil
  • Necklace length: 17 inches
  • Clasp is Gold-plated 925 Sterling silver, made in Italy
    Energy & Healing Properties


    • Promotes harmony and peace within the self and with others, eases stress and tension
    • Empowers the wearer in manifesting dreams and desires, leading to abundance and prosperity
    • Assists in maintaining balance in relationships and improves communication
    • Helps those who lack self-discipline and who are unable to set appropriate boundaries
    • Physical: Healing after trauma or injury, gout, arthritis, hair loss. Brittle hair and nails, balance for thyroid and adrenals

    Blue Lace Chalcedony

    • Precision of thoughts and unwavering intent towards goals and ideas
    • Soothes nervousness and helps one to relax and break free from worry and negativity, can also be useful in calming overactive children
    • Clarity of speech and communication, assists one in being more understood by others
    • Provides in discernment and calm in one’s thoughts and actions
    • Physical: Sore throat, laryngitis, and other related inflammations, thyroid glands, insomnia

    Rainbow Moonstone

    • Evokes one’s feminine energies such as increased intuition, creativity, and patience
    • Brings exuberant joy and optimism to the wearer while protecting and deflecting negativity from entering one’s aura
    • Helps one find inner peace, harmony, optimism, emotional balance, and strength
    • Recommended for those who experience daily stress or are unable to cope with emotional baggage or grief
    • Gives courage to be cheerfully true to one’s self and to remain authentic despite pressure from others
    • Physical: Hormones, menstrual pain, fertility, pregnancy, reproductive system, kidneys, spleen, gut, anti-radiation
    • After use, gently wipe using a soft cotton cloth and store in the provided jewelry pouch.
    • For more care instructions, please see our guide to caring for your gemstone jewelry.
    Note: As these gemstones are natural, there may be variations in color, grain, shape, etc. These differences add character and make each piece wonderfully unique.

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