A-Grade Tanzanite Flat Tumble


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Product Details
  • Tanzanite from Tanzania (Africa)
  • Clasp is Gold plated 925 Sterling silver, made in Italy
  • Necklace length: 19 inches
    Energy & Healing Properties


    • One of the most valuable metaphysical stones – integrates and brings harmony to the mind and heart
    • Allows one to speak from the heart and perceive life with enlightened compassion and gratitude, which can help those who are constantly in conflict with others or who find they have a difficult time creating meaningful connections
    • Brings one to joyfully accept one’s self and truly come to terms with one’s own being
    • Enables one to put more trust in others and overcome fear of crisis, change, disappointment, and failure
    • Physical: Overactive thyroid, adrenals, brain chemistry, nerves, kidneys
    • After use, gently wipe using a soft cotton cloth and store in the provided jewelry pouch.
    • For more care instructions, please see our guide to caring for your gemstone jewelry.

    Note: As these gemstones are natural, there may be variations in color, grain, shape, etc. These differences add character and make each piece wonderfully unique.

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