Red, Golden and Green Tourmaline Set

₱ 17,470
Product Details
  • Tourmaline from Brazil
  • Comes as a set - can be worn together or separately
  • Stranded using durable and high quality elastic
  • Bracelet size: 16cm (green and yellow), 15.5cm (red)
Energy & Healing Properties

Red Tourmaline

  • Excellent emotional healer and a wonderful ally in finding emotional strength to move out of difficult relationships, power-abuse situations, and emotional hardship
  • Teaches the wearer the power of love to overcome fear, and can help one find the inner courage to face challenging situations
  • Can assist those who feel emotionally isolated or who have difficulty feeling at home in the world and in their lives to feel more attuned to one's self and with with others
  • Aids those who feel like they don't have a purpose for living and have become detached from their day to day lives
  • Physical: Balances the brain, nervous system, hysteria, depression, obsessiveness

Golden Tourmaline

  • Promotes clear thinking, goal-setting, and creative problem-solving in order to bring increased abundance and prosperity into one’s life
  • Helps the wearer feel more empowered and confident in one’s capabilities and capacity to achieve what one puts his/her mind into
  • Releases one’s need or desire to control others while learning to have greater trust in others and in the process
  • Physical: Digestion, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, nausea

Green Tourmaline

  • Enhances vitality, strength, and stamina to go through one’s life with more energy and intention
  • Calms nerves and soothes the mind so that one feels less inhibited and fearful of change
  • A stone of physical well-being and healing – works powerfully on the physical heart and body to achieve and maintain better overall health
  • Physical: Overall health, proper cell reproduction, cell-growth imbalances, cancer, heart ailments
  • After use, gently wipe using a soft cotton cloth and store in the provided jewelry pouch.
  • For more care instructions, please see our guide to caring for your gemstone jewelry.

Note: As these gemstones are natural, there may be variations in color, grain, shape, etc. These differences add character and make each piece wonderfully unique.

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